Writers Block

Writing is something that usually comes naturally to me, however this past year has been a complete struggle to even write a sentence down.

I have spent countless amounts of hours researching, and readings ways to hopefully overcome writers block however I’m still in the same position after attempting everything. I have found that since I’ve been unable to access sims 4, my creative drive has gone out the window. It sounds crazy, but when playing in “Create A Sim”, I found being able to create so many different characters and customizing them to how I wanted them really helped. Through CAS, I was able to create scenarios, stories and ideas just by visualizing the character in front of me. But since I’ve only got my laptop now and it overheats in 3 minutes flat whenever I try and run Sims, I’ve had to go without. I’ve always been a visual learner and without having the visual stimulation there it’s been difficult.

I’ve found that listening to music lately has helped to some degree. I play music on Spotify, and zone out from the world for a while. I really take time and listen to the lyrics, and write down any ideas or inspiration that may flow from the music. The ideas that I write down are sufficient and I know that they will be great in future writing, but my struggle is actually starting. I have ideas, but when it comes to putting them down on paper or writing them on my laptop, I can’t get a sentence out.  I may try and start drawing although I’m pretty sure I don’t have the patience for it. However, if I try hard enough and draw my characters, it may help with the ideas and flow of writing.

I will hopefully document my process in writing, and share ideas and updates with any stories or concepts that I come up with. So here’s hoping I am able to overcome my writers block quick smart.


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