I crave a love as deep as the ocean.

In saying that, the love I have is perfect. I love him with all my heart and I know he loves me. We have a perfect little family. But there are things that I wish I could have.

I want to have my hand held wherever we go. Even when we stop at a red light. I want to be kissed all over and I really want to be held. I want to be noticed. Rather than the only time I truly have full attention is when it’s becoming intimate.

I want to sit under the stars with him, and talk about life. I want to talk about growing old together and all the kids we’ll have.

I want to sit at the beach at sunset with him, and watch the waves roll in.

I want to hike mountains, and swim in creeks.

I want to live. And I want to live it all with him.

I crave it. I truly crave it with all my being. But I have to be content with what we do currently. And if it means laying in bed, I’ll take it. Because there are people out there craving to be next to someone they love. And I’m lucky enough that I get to lay next to the person I love every night. And I’m lucky they love me back.



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