My emotions are a raging fire. My feelings are like a tsunami. My memories make me feel like I’m drowning.

I stumbled across a couple of your pictures and now there’s a gaping hole in my chest. It hurts to breathe again. It came out of nowhere. I was doing so well.

I put it down to my relationship falling apart. I don’t feel loved anymore, so my brain will search the deepest and darkest corners of my brain to remember what I once felt.

I still remember how the feeling of your fingertips felt on my skin and the way my heart would feel like it was trying to escape out of my rib cage.

I’m so angry. All the time. I want to move away, from everyone. I want my son with me and I want to start over. I’m sick of being angry, I’m sick of the memories of you haunting me. You’re a ghost that comes back to haunt me just when I think it’s finished.

Most of all. I want to feel that love again. To be held, to be called a princess. Kissed like it was the last time every time…

until then….

The fire will continue to burn.

– Ash

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