In the blink of an eye, everything that I had was gone.

Once again, I’m left in the dust. I loved with every fibre of my being and I wasn’t enough. The little family that I had built and supported is now shattered.

Things were slowly going downhill, but I held onto the hope that it was just a bump in the road. But one morning he woke up and decided that it was done. One morning he decided that the love he had for me had disappeared.

Two years of love, for nothing.

Forget about me. My son deserves better. He deserves a family that is filled with love, and support.

It’s my job to make sure he feels so much love that he never has to feel alone. No one in this world deserves to feel this.

To feel they aren’t enough. That they are unloveable.

I thought I had found my happy ending, but it was a lie. I don’t know how I can trust anyone again.

It’s just me, myself and my son now. And I’m left scrambling to pick up the pieces. I have to start completely afresh. I don’t know how I can do this or what will happen.

But somehow I will be okay.

It’s hard. So fucking hard.

But I’ll keep trying. As I always do.

– Ashley


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