‘From the ashes, a new life was born’

A common occurrence and the story of my life. It’s a case of 1 step forward then 10 steps back. But here I am; reborn and learning all over again. I’ve had a lot of things thrown my way, some that I thought would take me out. But with each set back and hurdle, I grow stronger and wiser. So thanks for making me what I am.

A Fighter.

Each day is a new day, and one day further away from the soul-destroying events that took place. It’s one day closer to the day I find someone to complete everything I’ve dreamed of. I want a happy home & a happy family for my son to grow up with. I want to feel so overwhelmed with love that I forget about all the bad things in life.

But how do I learn how to trust? When every time I’ve trusted someone, they’ve destroyed me? There’s someone out there. I don’t know who, or where. But there’s someone out there who is a decent human being. All I want is that person to love me completely and unconditionally, and love my son for everything that he is. We’re a package and the person who can accept that, and love the both of us is the one for me.

I am stronger than this. I will not let him destroy my life and the person who I’ve grown to be. I’ll rise from the ashes once again, and build from the start. With or without him. Because I’m better than that and I deserve better than him.

I deserve the world.

While I walk away from the flames unscathed, I hope he burns in the house that he torched to flames. He can burn in that house, and I’ll build mine in the next neighbourhood. Oops.

Until next time,


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