What I would do to feel loved again…. Every fibre of my being craves it. I just want someone to love me.

I can’t go out places without looking at other happy couples that are in their own bubble. There’s so many things I want to experience in life, but I can’t find any enjoyment in doing it by myself.

I want to be given that bouquet of flowers, and be showered with kisses. I want someone to hold my hand and tell me they love me. I want to be held close at night and fall asleep not feeling that gaping hole in my chest. I want my body to feel warm and fuzzy and a genuine smile on my face.

No one wants to be with a single mother. No one cares. All my friends around me are in beautiful relationships and I’m left behind. As always.

I wonder when I’ll be enough for someone. I just don’t think that day will ever arrive.

– Ashley


2 thoughts on “Desire

  1. “I wonder when I’ll be enough for someone. I just don’t think that day will ever arrive.”

    Be enough for your son. Be enough for yourself. F*ck the rest.


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