Over and Out.

This is the last time you walk into my life and think you can play with my emotions.

I am not a pushover.

You’re a poisonous, disgusting human being. You bring nothing but disappointment and pain. The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

A product of your mother. A toxic human, who can’t accept happiness for her own children. And does anything in her power to keep a family apart.

You’re a grown adult. 25. And sadly, you’ll be 50 living under your mothers wing.

You’ll never find a girl that is good enough for that wicked woman.

No more. I won’t stand for the abuse, manipulation, deceit and downright disgusting toxicity that comes from you & your family.

I deserve the world, and your son deserves to be in a family that love him and want the best for him.

Your family don’t want what’s best. And you & your family can burn in hell.

This is MY year. And I’m about to become an RN.


– Ashley


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