I’m learning how to love life again. I’m learning how to enjoy things with just my own company. I’ve learnt that I am truly not ready for a relationship and I’m okay with that. There are so many aspects of a relationship that I miss, however after what has happened, I’m still in an unhealthy state of mind. I can’t commit to a relationship until I am in a better state.

I’m taking things day-by-day.

I’ve started exercising each day. It’s a slow progress, because it’s difficult to find the motivation. I’ve also been setting myself time aside to treat myself (hair, nails etc). It’s helped a lot with reinforcing positive things into my life. I’m also seeking psychological help, to help with coping mechanisms and the possible PTSD that remains after the last couple years.

I’m also trying to read a little more, watch more videos that I enjoy and just all around make life easier and more positive.

This break up has left me to discover a new type of freedom that I’ve never experienced. This allows me to find myself again, because I’ve clearly lost myself. I’m rebuilding everything about myself and I can’t wait to see who I become.



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