9 Days Without You

We are 9 days into 2020, a new decade that I promised to be filled with success. I am 9 days into a world of no contact with you.

I haven’t heard your voice. I haven’t seen your face. I didn’t even call you in a moment of trauma. I have been strong, a lot stronger than I ever have been. 9 days since you decided to hurt me one last time, and 9 days since I walked away for good.

It’s 11pm. I haven’t even had you cross my mind until now. I can feel the tears building but I’m willing myself not to cry.

I refuse to let you be a reason I cry anymore. You wasted my entire 2019. I cried over you every…single…day.

I urge myself to stop loving you, and it’s happening. I feel like I need to cry but it’s not happening. You can’t hurt me anymore.

I went 9 months without your love, but I finally cut you out for good.

9 days without you and I’m okay.

Here’s to day 10, and all the days after that.

– Ashley


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